About the company

Beijing Qianyuhui International Environmental Investment Co., Ltd (QYH Investment) was established in 2014 and is engaged in the development, investment and trading of forest carbon credits. QYH Investment also can provide verification according to the CDM and VCS voluntary market standard.

QYH has invested in reforestation projects in Inner Mongolia over the last five years, all of which hold VCS certification. Our company is actively expanding our market presence domestically in China (such as Henan and Jiangxi) as well as overseas, both anticipating and helping to create an international carbon trading market. We hope that through market-based mechanisms and nature-based solutions, more people will join us to fight against global warming.

We at QYH Investment believe in the development of green economies and providing low-carbon economic solutions for individuals and industries to save energy and offset their emissions. We not only do this though methods that support ecological protection and environmental sustainability, but also by investing in emerging technologies, such as blockchain, that have the potential to transform the carbon market and make it truly international.

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Beijing Qianyuhui International Environmental Investment Co., Ltd

Address:Room 189, 4F Taohui Xintian, 219 Wangfujing Ave., Dongcheng Dist., Beijing (100006), China

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